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Cloud Assessment

Revolutionize your business and move to the cloud with confidence. Allow our team of certified Solutions Architects design a roadmap to the cloud unique for your organization while employing well-established and proven methodologies to meet security and compliance requirements, avoid service interruption, and ensure a continuity of support. Each milestone is carefully architected to keep your key players in the migration prepared for the transition to the cloud.

Our Solution Architects and Cloud Engineers are extensively trained to address complex security requirements keeping your infrastructure in compliance during and following migration. Whether you are looking to maintain HIPPA compliance or move to a FedRAMP certified infrastructure, we can design a solution that meets your organization’s needs.

Ciblee also understands that knowledge is key to a successful migration. Our engineers work closely together with your technical staff to share new skillsets and compose training plans, eliminating potential support gaps prior to hand-off.

Cloud Transformation

Following a thorough on-site assessment, Ciblee tailors a personalized Cloud Solutions team according to the scope of your project. The team is composed of specialized resources that can assess, educate, and execute solutions vital to the successful completion of the engagement. We,

  • Establish DevOps Teams
  • Weave Agile Development into Existing Workflows
  • Generate Cloud Migration Factories from Ciblee’s Automated Frameworks
  • Perform End-to-End Testing and Compliance Auditing
  • Templatize Critical Processes and Infrastructure
  • Automate Scaling for a Self-Healing Application Infrastructure
  • Establish Procedural Workflows Governing Security

Cloud Development & Engineering

Our DevOps Engineer Program meticulously rebuilds traditional product team structures to fit a high-velocity release model better suited to meet your customers’ expectations. The program focuses on revitalizing a culture of individual trust to maximize productivity and efficiency, resulting in the reliable delivery of product from inception to production availability.

Take advantage of our Professional Release Management Program. Explore continuous delivery processes tailored to your products that minimize release complications, eliminate manual intervention, and reduce time to market, increasing customer satisfaction and driving industry-wide standards. Our program includes,

  • Discovering what release management means for your company
  • Establishing a roadmap to meet consumer-driven expectations
  • Targeted technical training for industry-standard toolsets and methodologies
  • Designing one or more concise workflows that,
    • Complement company, state, and/or federal compliance
    • Meet established security policies
    • Automate all aspects of white box and black box testing
    • Minimize workforce intervention
  • Jointly implementing an automated solution

Cloud Management, Optimization, and Security

Avoid the complexity of cloud management with our multi-session series designed to simplify typical managerial responsibilities and share automated processes that will optimize and secure your environment. Our program explores billing and service cost structures, automated resource management, and security auditing.

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